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As for sculptures like you share here, I truly enjoy seeing it whenever I do. I enjoy seeing it in gardens especially it seems, but I also like to see it wherever it is. On a side note, I had never seen the inside of Grand Central Station, and that is a neat photo.

Thank you for sharing the photos and information! Fantastic hub, Kathleen! I am an artist, and I always appreciate an informative, thoughtful article about the arts.

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It seems in our fast-paced, technologically driven world the arts seem to be all but ignored. I agree that art and architecture can be analyzed and studied, but one can't ignore the emotional impact objects of beauty can have even for those who are untrained in its subtleties.

Excellent hub, and I absolutely loved reading it. Art is a wonderful topic to write about. Keep the great hubs coming, and I'll be sure to read them :. Very informative and detailed Hub. I enjoyed reading it very much. Voted up and interesting and pinned. Thank you so much for your post!

Im a photographer full-time so I greatly appreciate your kind words. Welcome Kathleen! Congrats on HOTD! Very intriguing article. You have a gift for capturing still art! The lighting is beautiful. Voted up! Thanks Billy! I use to write for Suite, not sure if you know that site.

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HubPages Inc, a part of Maven Inc. As a user in the EEA, your approval is needed on a few things. To provide a better website experience, owlcation. Please choose which areas of our service you consent to our doing so. Kathleen Odenthal more. The Meaning of Art. The Relationship Between Art and Architecture Art and architecture have a deep connection that unites them through their design, their designer, and their individual meanings.

The Meaning of Architecture. Formal Analysis of Art and Architecture Formal analysis is an integrated study of all the formal qualities of an art object to see how they all work together. Reading the Content of Art and Architecture Content is an artwork's theme or message. Content is conveyed primarily in three ways: Through the artwork's subject matter Through interpreting or reading its symbolic or iconographic references that go beyond the subject matter By studying the art writings and cultural background that explain or expand the content of the work Subject matter is the most obvious factor in the content of an artwork.

Iconography in Art and Architecture. Feminist Criticism as a Way to Critique Art. The Writings of Professionals Pertaining to Art and Architecture What else adds to the content of art and architecture? The Metropolitan Museum of Art. The Influence of Context in Art and Architecture Context consists of the interrelated social and political conditions that surround a work or building.

The Relationship Between Art and Architecture. These sessions are bookended by two events mapping the field of current research for a broader audience. This workshop intends to inaugurate a series of conversations that will foster collective, critical, and sustained reflection on the state of the field and the place of the researchers within it. Between Lands? Some reflections on the Mediterranean as an open discourse-scape for modern and contemporary aesthetic practices in the Middle East. Writing art history in the Middle East today.